Project Support

Your company needs help implementing a solution

We provide information technology support for companies that rely on technology. These companies may not have in-house expertise to design, implement, or maintain the technology that they rely on (either because of the financial burden that a full time IT department can place on a small business or because of the general complexity of their technology requirements).

Our technicians are certified as Microsoft Small Business Specialists and their design recommendations will follow industry-standard network and technology designs. Our designs are based on design criteria from Microsoft, Cisco, and other industry-leading vendors. We ensure that your business leverages technology to the fullest.

Here is a partial list of technologies that we can utilize to design a customized solution for your business:

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server
    • Home Server
    • Foundation Server
    • Small Business Server
    • Standard Server
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Technologies
    • Active Directory
      • Design
      • Migration strategies
      • Redesign
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Collaboration and Communication Technologies
    • Microsoft Exchange
      • High Availability / DAG
      • Design
      • Migration
    • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Desktop Technologies
    • Windows 7
  • Apple
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • OS X Desktop
    • OS X Server
  • Ubuntu Linux (full suite of Open Source solutions)
    • LAMP
    • Samba
    • Email (IMAP/POP/SMTP)
    • Calendar (iCal)
    • Shared Contacts (LDAP)
  • Web Technologies
    • Microsoft IIS
    • Apache
    • Zope/Plone
    • Joomla CMS
  • Networking Solutions
    • Cisco
    • Sonicwall
    • Linksys

Making the world of technology accessible to small business.